Horry County Schools sees record enrollment

Horry County Schools had its largest annual increase in enrollment in nearly a decade this school year.

Enrollment numbers for the 2013-2014 school year showing a record-high enrollment of 40,543 students.

That's an increase of 1,289 students from last school year.

Several schools in the district are overcapacity which Horry County School District spokeswoman Teel Britton says causes stress in some of the core areas of the schools: libraries, hallways, cafeterias, and even media centers.

Although the obvious solution would be to build more schools, it's expensive and wouldn't solve the current problem.

Britton said for now, the district relies on adding more classrooms and teaching positions.

In Carolina Forest, Ocean Bay Middle School is nearly 300 students over capacity with a total of 1,208 students enrolled this year.

For some Ocean Bay parents like Tonya Mueller, the overcrowding hasn't been a problem for her family.

"They really have this running like a fine oiled machine, honestly six grade moves at one time of the day, 7th grade moves at another time of the day, 8th grade moves at another time of day so even though it's over capacity you never have the whole group in one spot at one time," Mueller explained.

Ocean Bay Middle School parent Tammy Price said the overcrowded school has impacted her children. She explained that she packs her kids lunches because the cafeteria lines get so packed.

"So that they don't have to stand in a long line, so that they don't have to, so that they can get a seat, so that they can sit down and eat. Just really for a safety concern too, that they're not being pushed or shoved," Price added.