Horry County School Board talks school security again

Increasing school security remained a big topic at an Horry County Board of Education meeting Monday night.

Several updates on security are being taken in order to keep students safe.

School officials say the goal is to eradicate bullying at all schools.

"A couple of things we're looking at primarily are to provide a 24 hour hotline so that a student or parent can call in anonymously and indicate if they know something is going on or something they feel they need to share with us, so that they can do that. We're also looking very hard at our bullying initiatives to make sure we have not only the procedures on paper, but that we actually have them in practice," said Horry County Schools Deputy Superintendent Bobby Nalley.

Another school safety measure Horry County wants to implement is parent and student education. School officials say it's important parents know what signs to look for that could lead to a problem.