Dissatisfaction with government and need to vote key messages at voter rally

"We are not active participants in this democracy." Rev. Jerry Faulk said at the rally.

/ Lindsey Theis

We're just weeks away now from local elections, and you're being asked to be sure to head to the polls. About 30 people attended a voters' rally in Conway Monday.

The rally, put on by JR-12 was called "Get Out To Vote" and was held at the Bethel Church off Racepath Avenue.

"We are not active participants in this democracy." Rev. Jerry Faulk said.

Reverend Falk urged attendees to take the message back to everyone they know that 'now is the time to get politically involved.'

"I am so glad you are here, and I hope that you will go back to your church and encourage your pastors to stand up for their people," Faulk said.

The Coastal Carolina Gospel Choir Sang, and the highlight of the event, one day after the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Dedication in D.C., was a re-enactment of King's famous "I have a dream" speech.

Candidates running for Conway City Council and the newly created congressional district seat also spoke at the event and took questions from the audience.

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