CCU student remembered during emotional vigil

Anthony Liddell, courtesy Facebook

CONWAY, S.C. (WPDE) - A Coastal Carolina University student who was shot and killed this week was remembered Thursday night on campus. The school held a candlelight vigil for Anthony Liddell, 19.

"Let us not be remembered in the nation as a university that experienced a deadly shooting on its campus," CCU President Dr. David DeCenzo told the crowd.

With heavy hearts students, faculty, and administrators gathered in the courtyard of the Edwards building.

"I was very sad because we came to college to better ourselves, and to have a tragedy like this happen on campus at that, it struck me," said student Hamid Mathis.

More than 100 people stood united to remember Liddell of Bennettsville. In his short time at CCU, he touched the lives of many.

"From listening to so many of his friends and faculty, he's going to be remembered as a very bright student that always had a smile on his face. That had a lot of energy and spent most of his energy making sure that other people were in good shape and were happy and doing what they needed to do," said Dr. Deborah Conner, Vice President of Student Affairs.

Many were overcome with emotion and leaned on each other for support during the vigil.

"I was listening to a group of students today, talking about this community, and this event makes them angry because this is not who we are, and they want people to know that," added Conner.

"It really makes you look at the big picture sometimes. You get so involved in class and going back and forth and you don't stop and think somebody could come and take your life just as easily," said student Tonisha Caulder.

CCU is offering students counseling to help cope with the loss of their classmate.

The Greater Saint James Missionary Baptist Church on Wallace Road in Bennettsville will host Anthony Liddell's funeral at 1 p.m. Saturday March 2. The family will receive friends two hours before the service.

No arrests have been made.