CCU getting more students than they can house

File image of Coastal Carolina University campus

Coastal Carolina University is preparing for students to move in on Friday but are running in to a problem: There isn't enough housing.

This year CCU has more than 3,000 beds available for freshman and sophomores, both of which are required to live on-campus.

As of now, CCU has about 100 students that are without housing.

Steve Harrison, Director of Housing said the university is working hard to place them. He said the students who applied after the priority date of May 1 are the ones still without housing.

"Right now we have about 100 students who we have yet to be able to assign and every moment that number gets a little bit smaller because we're able to put them as cancellations come in or we find those beds off campus that we can assign them to," said Harrison.

Harrison said one option they're working with students on is to place them in apartments along Highway 501. Students there would still get an R.A. (resident assistant) and be provided a shuttle to get to and from campus.

Another option would be handled on a case by case basis, but would allow some students to cancel their application fee and live off campus.

Harrison said the overcrowding happens every once in a while, but usually works itself out as it gets closer to the first day of class. They say more housing spots open up as students decide to not attend the university.