Strawberries are ready for a pickin' in Florence

Fresh strawberries from Cottle Strawberry Farm in Florence.

Cottle Strawberry Farm's roadside stand on Highway 76 near I-95 in Florence is open for business.

It opened a little earlier this year.

Workers say this year's crop of strawberries are big and really sweet. Some of the berries are as big as the palm of your hand.

Many people traveling Interstate 95 are stopping on Highway 76 to gas up and are making their way to the market.

"We get a lot of travelers that get lost on 95 that just pop in and say, 'oh, fresh strawberries' and they'll want to stop and most of the time they end up picking because they've never seen a patch before," said Jessica Dimtroff with Cottle Strawberry Farm.

You can pick your own strawberries or workers at the farm can pick them for you.

Farmers say many parents are bringing their children out to pick on these warm days and they're having a good time.

Do you tend to stop at roadside markets for fresh produce? Why or why not?