Son of a beach towel, that's big!!!

In Myrtle Beach Saturday, a Miami man showed off what he calls a piece of art that measures 1,624 square feet.

"It costs about a thousand dollars in materials," said creator Misael Soto.

Soto's art is a 59x26 foot beach towel that he and his friends have been parking at beaches along the East Coast.

"I was like wow who put this out here," said Kendra Scott of Lynchburg, VA.

"It's incredible. It's amazing," said Canadian tourist Leo Disioto. "Our initial reaction was, is that a real towel?"

"People come up to touch it to see what it is," said Soto.

The towel is 100% terry cloth and Soto created it by himself.

"Just basically sewed night and day for a couple days," said Soto. "I learned to sew to make it."

Though the blue towel with white stripes is simplistic in style, the message this towel carries is deep.

The towel was created not for money or awareness but only to unite people.

"Make something that everybody can use and to see if people would come onto it and share and just live a little for that day, a little more than usual."

"I feel like this is a great idea. We need each other as humans we need each other," said Scott who gathered on the towel with her family.

"I'm probably going to hop on my phone maybe Instagram it and throw it up on the web saying look at the size of this towel," said Disioto. "It's incredible, and I'll probably come back with stories about the people I've met here."

"The piece is communal," said Soto. "It's about the community and everybody helping each other. And that's what people have done with me and I'm going to be there for other people and it's a cycle you know."

Soto said he's had people approach him about making a beach towel for them, but he hasn't done it yet.