Some call business practices for temporary store in MB misleading

Front of temporary store run by G&C Computers and Electronics. / Whitney Gramling

For the next six weeks, G&C Computers and Electronics will operate on weekends out of the former A.C. Moore store by the Backgate of the former Air Force Base in Myrtle Beach.

The liquidation sale includes a variety of products, from jewelry to laptops, but you have to pay $5 before you can go inside. There are signs letting customers know about what they call a membership fee and the ticket they receive is good while they are in town.

Jeff Osborne says not only did the ad he heard not say there was a membership fee, he wasn't able to find the deal he was looking for. "There's no electronic that they promised on the ad that they have in there. If you ask them about it, we've already sold out of those. I was here one hour after they opened, so you're telling me that you sold everything in one hour."

Jeff and his wife Janet wanted their money back, but the company doesn't issue refunds on site. You have to send a form to the home office in Ohio with a self-addressed stamped envelope, but it's not a guarantee.

The form states, "Please note that we will not issue a refund solely on the basis that you were unable to find anything you wanted. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause."

Later, the couple, who's described by the stores manager as being unruly, went outside. Jeff says he and his wife were not disruptive. "As a group came up, we were talking, and I asked the guy if he was going inside. He said yes, and I said you might want to think that over, and that's when they called the police and had me escorted off."

Manager Brenda Dye explains their policy, "When people make that decision to come inside the door, and if they're not happy, then I'm supposed to give them back their money? Is Sams (Club) going to give them back their membership if they go in and don't like what they see?" She goes on to say some customers are confused by ads. "Their interpretation was that all my shoes were supposed to be ten dollars all name brands. That's not correct, and I showed them my script, and I explained that to them."

Demarco Jennings, who's working for the company temporarily says, "It's just opening today, and a lot of people may be late or whatever, of course the typical thing for people. The thing is just come back in the next following weeks if you don't see what you like. Don't be unsatisfied right now."

Another dissatisfied customer approached Brenda while NewsChannel 15 was in the store. He was looking for Harley Davidson boots and told Brenda the store shouldn't advertise items they don't have. Brenda explains the vendor with the boots in question is coming from Maine and his truck broke down on the way.

Despite some unhappy customers, Brenda says plenty of people have been happy with what they've found. "We've already had a couple thousand people in here. What about all the people that are carrying TV's out, generators and things from the other vendors here?"

Jim wants to see more done. "I originally just wanted my money back, but this is our community. We live here, they're not. They're from Ohio. I'd like to see them shut down and leave. If you're not proud of your business enough that you would let people come in to see your product, please leave our neighborhood."

City of Myrtle Beach Spokesman Mark Kruea says they are aware of the business and are making further inquiries since they have questions.