Sidewalks will pave safer way for children

The intersection of Morris and Carver streets will have new sidewalks by July.

A dangerous intersection in Lake City is getting some safety improvements to protect children who walk to school.

Nearly 2,500 cars travel through the intersection of Morris and Carver streets every day.

Police say dozens of children walk to and from school on the narrow shoulder of the road.

Monday, officials on the state, local and city levels held a ground breaking ceremony for the construction of new sidewalks.

"It was terribly dangerous. I'm glad the students, the parents, the county and city officials and state officials got concerned about it," said Representative Lester Branham, Jr., who represents District 61 in the Florence County area.

The $160,000 project is funded by the state transportation department and a grant.

The sidewalks should be completed by July.