Ready for prom night, duct tape and all

Amber Squires, a senior at Green Sea Floyds High School, went to her prom Thursday night wearing duct tape.

A contest by the brand Duck Tape called "Stuck at Prom" encourages girls to wear Duck Tape instead of a traditional dress on the big night.

The winner and her date each wins a $5,000 scholarship towards college expenses.

A teacher gave her the idea when she was just a freshman.

Making the dress took 3 years of planning, 60 hours of cutting and taping, and 25 rolls of Duck Tape.

"It was frustrating sometimes because once duct tape sticks to itself, it's not moving. And I'd have to start over on some things and redo some, but it's been fun the whole time," Squires said.

She also said the hardest part was having to tell her date that he couldn't wear a tux to prom.

"So I said, 'Well, hey, would you go to prom with me? But the thing is, you gotta wear duct tape 'And he's like, 'Well, I don't know.'"

When we asked her date, Kody Britt, what it felt like to be wearing a suit made of Duck Tape, he said, "It's hot. Very hot."

Squires isn't sure what her classmates will think of her dress, but she's gotten plenty of support from teachers and family members so far.

"I hope they like it. But a lot of my teachers, I've showed some of them, and they're really proud of what I've done and glad that I've decided to do this," Squires said.

The "Stuck at Prom" Duck Tape contest ends on June 10th. If she is among the top ten finalists, you'll be able to vote for her online through July 11th.