Rainy June not a complete washout for tourism industry

Overall we've had rain 6 out of the 13 days in the month of June. At the start of the summer season, it's hitting some tourist attractions hard and others are seeing a benefit.

The rain usually won't deter people from coming to the Grand Strand - a lot of travelers make their accommodations more than a week in advance.

At Wild, Water, and Wheels in Surfside Beach, the rain has affected customer traffic to the water park, General Manager David Treat says.

"The weather has affected us quite a bit at the beginning of the day. Where if we open at 10 o' clock and it rains at 10 o'clock, it kind of keeps the crowds away," he says.

At indoor attractions though, the rain has meant a big difference for attendance.

"As of today in June of 2011, we had had less than 1,000 people visit the museum. We added up our numbers today and so far this month only we've had 3,360 visitors. That's like a 300 percent increase," South Carolina Children's Museum GM Melanie McMurrain said.

Treat says Wild Water and Wheels expect their numbers won't take a hit just because of the rain though.

"It's not worrying us so much right now because it's still early," he adds. "The schools up north are still in session, and we're waiting for the big tourist season. We know it's still early, and we're hoping that once the rain goes away, all of our locals will start coming out and seeing us again."