Presidential candidate Herman Cain campaigns in NMB

Presidential hopeful Herman Cain campaigns in NMB. / Lindsey Theis

GOP candidate Herman Cain spoke to a crowd of more than 100 at Docksiders in North Myrtle Beach Saturday morning in his first visit to the Grand Strand.

C ain talked to voters for over an hour about his platforms on foreign policy, immigration, and healthcare.

H e also talked about how plans to beat out his competition for the party's nomination.

"T he way I plan to rise above the middle of the pack is to continue to do these kind of events that I did here today and that is go and talk to the people directly because in addition to the several hundred people that showed up here today, they are now going to become ambassadors and they're going to call their friends. Our name will spread all over the country, this is how our word is spreading," explained Cain.

After leaving North Myrtle Beach, Cain headed to Charleston to meet with voters.

S outh Carolina has the first in the southern presidential primary. Ever since it was established in 1980, every candidate who has won the South Carolina primary has gone on to win the Republican party nomination.