Myrtle Beach wants to slow down laser pointer sales

"I would call them the single hottest product of the summer," said owner of the Gay Dolphin, Buzz Plyler.

He said green laser pointers have become so popular, his suppliers have run out. "It started a pricing battle with the other places around me so I just decided not to carry them anymore."

While laser pointers have been a hot commodity on the Grand Strand this summer, the City of Myrtle Beach is aiming to cool sales down.

"We had this problem when they became tiny and affordable in the 1990s," says city spokesman Mark Kruea. "But now it's picked up again, and we've had a lot of complaints this summer."

An ordinance has been issued to the city that would prohibit the possession of all laser pointers to minors without the consent of a parent. If passed, the ordinance would make it unlawful for any stores to sell the lasers to minors.

The ordinance also seeks to make it illegal to shine the lasers at people, vehicles or animals in such a manner as to harass, and to prohibit use on public ways, beaches, parks and lands.

" The only place the city wants the lasers used is at places in which they are meant ," said Kruea. "These lasers are helpful for educational purposes, and we're not trying to stop that ."

Green laser pointers were promoted and sold more this year, compared to others. On one occasion Kruea said someone shined a laser at a Coast Guard helicopter.