Mixed reviews for Spring Harley Rally

Different parts of the Grand Strand are getting different results during this year's Harley Davidson Spring Bike Rally.

Dave Pribula has been a vendor since 2007 on the south end, near Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson. He said the event isn't quite what it used to be in its prime, but that business has been great for him this year.

"It's definitely coming back. I think we've seen more traffic and seen more people spending money," Pribula said.

And bikers who have been coming here for more than a decade agreed with Pribula.

"Just more people, more bikes, more traffic getting to where you're going," Donald Lange of Maryland said.

"Most of the motels that I've talked with, they're all booked for Thursday, Friday, Saturday," Lonnie Baggatta of Virginia said.

But business on the north end, near the Myrtle Beach Mall, hasn't been as strong.

"The mall used to be full actually. This used to be one of the hopping hubs here and stuff, and this year, it's down quite a bit," Jason Hanson, owner of Speed's Performance Plus said.

Hanson has been a vendor at the rally for 13 years and said his business so far has been mostly bikers he worked with in the past.

Those who have been lifetime supporters of the rally are disappointed by the lack of turnout on the north end.

"I expected it to be much more than what's here so far," Larry Truman of Virginia said.

Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson spokesperson Sarah George said the event is on track with projected crowd expectations.

"This weekend, we had a really busy weekend, and then during the week, it always tapers off a little bit. But starting tomorrow, it'll bring back up and this weekend is expected to be the biggest weekend," George said.

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