Kidnapped and raped at age 8 by "person of interest" in spring breaker's disappearance

The following story and video attached to it contain graphic descriptions of events that may not be appropriate for all ages.

On April 25, 2009, spring breaker Brittanee Drexel disappeared after leaving a hotel on the Grand Strand. On the third anniversary of the disappearance, a victim of the only named "person of interest" in the case shared her disturbing and powerful story with NewsChannel 15.

Raymond Moody is a "person of interest" in the disappearance of the then-17-year-old from Rochester, New York. Moody was pulled over for a traffic violation by Surfside Beach police the day after Drexel disappeared. Police have said they don't have enough evidence to declare him a suspect.

There have been dozens of searches for Drexel. One of them involved a search in August 2011 of a Georgetown County hotel room where Moody was staying when Drexel disappeared.

Moody is a registered sex offender. In 1983 in California, he kidnapped and raped Kerri Harding. She was just eight years old at the time. Now a 38-year-old woman, she told her story to NewsChannel 15.

Harding was walking to school to meet a friend when she went to cut through a yard where she recalls Moody was playing basketball.

"Just as I passed he grabbed me from behind, pulled me by my hair and put his hand over my mouth and pulled me by the waist into the passenger seat of the car." Harding recalled.

Moody drove her a few miles away to an undeveloped housing area.

"He said get in the backseat and take off your clothes. When I said why, he said, 'because we're gonna screw.' You don't tell an 8-year-old that. You don't even know what the hell that means," she said as she became emotional remembering the details. "You never move on from this. This is something I'm going to have to live with the rest of my life."

Moody, 52, served 21 years of a 40-year prison sentence after admitting to sexually assaulting Harding and six other girls. He relocated to Georgetown after his release from California state prison in 2004.

Harding says it bothers her that he was released after serving only about half of his sentence. "He should have at least served 29 years. The fact he got off at all was insane. Our system is broken. Nobody should get a second chance to hurt a child."

Harding says as the survivor of a kidnapping, her heart goes out to the Drexel family. "To Brittanee Drexel's family, I am praying for her mother, and I hope that they find the peace that they need."

We spoke with Brittanee's aunt Keri Drexel who spoke on behalf of the family. She says Georgetown police should be looking at more people than just Moody.

"There is evidence out there that is more than just one person, Moody. Yes I understand the past things of what he has done, but there was no evidence or anything {in the Drexel case} that was found at all. There are other persons of interest that they are not looking into thoroughly."

The last place Brittanee's cell phone gave off a signal was on the Charleston/Georgetown County line the night she disappeared.

Family members, police and search crews have been looking for her ever since, but Myrtle Beach police say there are no recent developments in the Drexel case. Then-17-year-old Drexel was last seen leaving the Blue Water Resort on Ocean Boulevard. She would be 20 now. Here is a link to an age progression released from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.