Juniper Bay community getting new fire station

Folks in the Juniper Bay community tell NewsChannel 15 they're worried about firefighters who have to work in an old, worn down fire station.

Horry County firefighters say a new Juniper Bay station is coming.

Fire Chief Garry Alderman says the current station, built in the early 80's, has insulation peeling off the walls and the living quarters are too small.

He says the station was originally used by volunteers, but growth in that area has required a crew of four professional firefighters to be there around the clock. "The station was never built to house people here 24 hours a day. We had to modify it to put living quarters in. You can see along the side where we had to put an exit for the upstairs in there."

Alderman says a new, bigger station will be built a mile away.

Work could be completed by the end of the year.