Is Myrtle Beach coalition to lower homeless population all talk?

May marks nine months since a group of agencies and politicians, calling themselves an umbrella homeless coalition, has been meeting to talk about how to help the homeless population in the Myrtle Beach area.

Myrtle Beach and Horry County leaders are still trying to come up with ways to lower the number of homeless people in our area. While it's hard to say just how big the homeless population is, representatives from agencies that help the homeless say the population is the highest its ever been.

Mayor John Rhodes says it may take 3 to 5 years before we see action.

"Yes it's worthwhile. Whenever you're trying to make things better for our community, whether it's the citizens, the business community, or the homeless, the time we spend is well worthwhile," Rhodes said.

In February, dozens of homeless people were evicted from wooded areas of Myrtle Beach where they were camping.

"What can we do, I mean we have nowhere to go. We have no money. What can we do?," Kimmy Clark, who was homeless at the time said.

In terms of affordable housing, Myrtle Beach is constructing an apartment complex off Mr. Joe White Ave paid for by community block grants. The complex will house 11 families, women and children. Rent will cost between $480 and $600 a month.

The homeless coalition will meet again on June 13th.