Husband arrested in connection with wife's disappearance

Search crews prepare to cover ground in search of Devin Ivey, last seen June 8, 2011.

Tuesday afternoon, deputies with the Florence County Sheriff's Office charged Rodney Dale Ivey, 23, of Scranton with giving false information to law enforcement.

Captain Brett Camp with the Florence County Sheriff's Office says Ivey has given five different stories about the disappearance of his wife, Devin Ham Ivey, 22.

"He's giving us several different stories of what's happened in trying to locate her," said Florence County Sheriff Kenney Boone.

Ivey has been missing since last Wednesday, when officers say she was last seen by her husband at the Budget Inn Motel in Olanta.

Captain Camp says Rodney Ivey has prior convictions for property crimes, including burglaries.

Tuesday, deputies and dozens of volunteers searched a 50 square mile area in lower Florence County for Ivey.

Crews looked near Lynches River in Olanta and searched fields in the area. Officers with the State Law Enforcement Division used a helicopter to help in the search.

"It's very important that we pull every resources that we have to find her as quickly as possible," said Florence County Sheriff Kenney Boone.

Ivey's aunt, Gaye Vause, is holding out hope someone will give good information to deputies. She say it is not like her niece to disappear without telling anyone where she was going.

"The more people see her face, the better chance we have of finding where she is and that she's okay," said Gaye Vause.

Ivey's parents are holding on to that hope too.

Vause said, "They just want their child. They just want their child. They just need some peace of mind."

She has put out fliers all over the Olanta community, including Jeanne's Mini-Mart in Effingham.

Jeanne Lee is owner of the store says Ivey worked for her about three years ago. She says Ivey left after six months with intentions to go back to school.

"The community is very concerned, quite upset. Everybody is in an uproar. She is very well-known. Her parents are very well-known in the area. And we're just very concerned about her whereabouts, " said Jeanne Lee.

Search crews will gather again Wednesday morning at the Olanta Rural Fire Department.

Officers say they will regroup then and assign search areas to the different teams.