Hurricane Irene parties play out on the Grand Strand

Folks gathered at the Parrot Bar and Grill in Myrtle Beach for a Hurricane Irene party. / Lindsey Theis

No matter how windy and wet Hurricane Irene is making the Grand Strand, some people out there are finding it a reason to celebrate.

Tourists and locals are sticking out the storm by holding hurricane parties.

At the Parrot Bar and Grill in Myrtle Beach, heavy wind and rain didn't keep down the group's spirits.

"This is our dream. We're having a hurricane party! This is a dream and everything was good," said Bob Lee.

He's been through 15 years of tropical weather in Myrtle Beach. "Like a rain storm to us right now," he said.

"Everyone's just talking about the hurricane, watching the weather, a little bit, and having a few drinks!"

The guest of honor at this improptu get together isn't Irene. It's Lisa and Jim Wagner. The two are on their honeymoon, but today's been a little different than they expected.

"So I'm just squeaking down the road in my flip flops and my hair's getting wet and my umbrella is blowing all backwards... but otherwise it's pretty good, it's not that bad!," Lisa said.

And Jim Wagner says if rain on your wedding day is a good omen, a hurricane on your honeymoon must be... "Always a good omen."

Definitely a vacation they won't forget.

We should mention. Bob Lee and the others we spoke with all told us they were staying in hotels within walking distance of the bar.