Hundreds take part in Georgetown Bridge2Bridge run

"bridging the gap to help build back" T-shirt

Nearly 700 runners participated in the third annual Georgetown Bridge2Bridge run Saturday morning.

Runners competed in a half marathon, a 12k, or a 5k.

This year the run took on a special meaning. "Bridge The Gap" T-shirts were being sold with the saying "Bridging the Gap to help Build Back." The money raised from the sell of the T-shirts will go to support the Front Street Fire victims.

Georgetown resident Nikki Ewing said she had close friends impacted by the fire that destroyed part of Front Street, displaced nearly 10 families and left 130 people out of work.

"It was a lot of tears that day to see friends displaced out of homes, business workers that lost everything."

Ewing was one of about 100 volunteers helping out at this years event, all there to show Georgetown can and will keep running.

"They're real people with a real heart and they've cared about our community and it's an outpouring that we can show that we really care about them and want them to build back," said volunteer Amy Mitchell.

To help the fire victims, click here