Horry County Council takes on filming and firefighters

After a second readings Tuesday night, Horry County Council is one step away from changing laws about filming in the county, as well as paying volunteer firefighters.

One new law would change how film crews can work in the county. There isn't a law in place now.

The proposed law would require film crews to get permits before any commercial filming.

Crews would have to get permits 45 days in advance, but they would cost nothing.

News crews, school projects, and crews with 15 people or less would be exempt.

Georgetown County passed a similar ordinance last fall, after residents voiced their concerns about reality show "Party Down South" being filmed in Murrells Inlet.

Tuesday night, Council also had a second reading on a proposal that would put some money in volunteer firefighters' pockets.

Under the pay-per-call program, they would get a flat fee for every call they take. It's a way to reimburse them for money they have to pay out-of-pocket while on the clock, including responding to emergencies.