HBO's "East Bound & Down" to shoot in Myrtle Beach

The HBO series "East Bound & Down" has been granted a special events permit by the Myrtle Beach City Council to film between July 5th and 9th.

Myrtle Beach Public Information Officer Mark Kruea said that is probably the busiest week of the year for the city, but that's exactly what the show producers were looking for.

Kruea said the city doesn't plan on having to shut down any streets or make any major changes as a result of the show filming.

City council members voted to approve the permit at Tuesday afternoon's meeting.

Kruea said the show representatives mentioned several locations where they'll be shooting, including BB&T Coastal Field, Ocean Boulevard, the Boardwalk, Family Kingdom, and miniature golf courses.

East Bound & Down is the story of Kenny Powers, played by Danny McBride. Powers is a former Major League Baseball star pitcher whose "self destructive behavior" knocked him out of the majors. He ends up playing ball in Mexico, but at the end of the second season is heading to Myrtle Beach for spring training.

Kruea said the city was approached about the show filming in Myrtle Beach about a month ago.