From Miami to New York in a row boat

Lewis Colam briefly stopped at Enterprise Landing in Socastee Thursday.

A man from Plymouth, England is boating our coast to raise money for Alzheimer's Disease research.

Lewis Colam is rowing a small 15 foot carbon-fiber boat with no cabin from Miami to New York.

He arrived in Myrtle Beach Thursday.

"I'm slowly falling to pieces my elbow is really hurting and my hands are very blistered at the moment. So I'm not feeling as good as I was 40 days ago," said Colam while on a brief stop at Enterprise Landing.

Colam is splitting his time between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Ocean because his boat isn't made for ocean rowing. He has no previous rowing or seafaring experience. So far the trip has been harder than he expected.

It's not only bigger boats and their wakes he has to watch out for. He's met a few animal along the way including manatees in Florida, snakes, and wild boars in Georgia.

"The alligators don't seem to be fazed by me rowing by so they come within several yards of the boat which is quite daunting. They look quite menacing quite fierce animals," he said.

His trip is expected to take about three months.

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