Florence honors Martin Luther King, Jr.

About 300 people marched 2 miles through downtown Florence in the Annual MLK March in Florence Monday.

A cold, gray Martin Luther King, Jr. Day didn't darken the spirits of the 300 people who marched two miles through downtown Florence Monday.

Marchers started on Coit Street and walked to the MLK bridge. While they walked, many held hands and sang gospel music. Children leading the march carried pictures of King.

King's words were a part of the parade, as his famous "I Have a Dream" speech was played through a loudspeaker.

Florence City Councilman Ed Robinson organizes the march and says this is the most people he's had take part in many years.

The marchers came from all ages, races and walks of life. Once they arrived at the MLK Bridge, they prayed, sang and offered testimonials on Dr. King's legacy.

A post-march church service is being held at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Florence.

The march has taken place in Florence for the past ten years.