Facebook users not a fan of changes

With just the click of the mouse, Facebook allows its users to keep tabs of what's happening in the lives of others. But when millions of users logged onto their Facebook accounts Wednesday, the presentation changed dramatically.

"I was inundated with too much information. I just, I couldn't really process all the stuff I was looking at because stuff is scrolling on one side and your comments are steadily flowing up and it's telling you eight more people have posted their status. It's like too much too soon," said Thomas Squire. "I just feel like it gets to a point where it's too much information that we're knowing about people in an indirect way."

"It's okay. I'm not a fan of it," added Krystal Green.

Post after post showed annoyance with a news feed that's no longer in chronological order, a live status update feed in the corner, and section of suggested users to subscribe to. Facebook is also highlighting what they call a "top story." That's a way to alert users to certain posts if you haven't logged on in awhile.

Social media expert, Dr. Dylan Wittkower said while users bemoan the changes, it's to be expected. "One of the mottos that they have up in the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto is these posters that say 'move fast and break things.'"

Facebook is often called innovative and cutting edge and for those descriptions to be true the site has to evolve.

"If Facebook is going to maintain what it is they do need to keep moving if they stay stagnant I think they will be overtaken. Even though they have this huge advantage of having so many subscribers," Dr. Wittkower explained.

"I understand Facebook is always trying to stay ahead of the game trying to stay relevant try to stay in a place where people want to go to them and use them and things of that nature, but it also gets to a point where if it's too much hassle for me to get on Facebook. I'm not really going to use Facebook," said Squire.

"It's enough to make you like put a new status up 'what's wrong with Facebook' but it's not enough to make me leave it," said Lacey Ravenel.

Dr. Wittkower agreed, "They change things. These things upset people. Very often I think people get used to it pretty quickly and discover no it really was a good idea, it really did work and made sense."

In response to the changes, some users encouraged others to join Google +.

Facebook will announce more changes to its site Thursday.

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