Extreme Makeover in Horry County airs

Sunday night the episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition featuring the Suggs family of Horry County aired on NewsChannel 15.

NewsChannel 15 was at the Suggs' new home as they watched the episode.

Surrounded by family and friends, there were some laughs as well as some tears as the show took viewers through that week in January when thousands of volunteers built a new home for the Suggs in 106 hours.

Amanda and Derrick Suggs say the experience is still surreal. "You felt it all over again, but I guess because it's almost too good to be true, it still hasn't hit. It'll probably take years."

The Suggs say they're enjoying their new home, though they say it was sad watching Sunday night as their old home was torn down.

The builders from Sterling Homes, as well as many of their vendors, workers, and volunteers, watched the episode at a viewing party.

At Planet Hollywood in Myrtle Beach, there were some tears shed during the episode, but plenty of laughter too.

"It was just fantastic. It was great to see the impact on the family the work had, but just the fun of it all. To be a part of it to see and to know how the county came together and everybody who was a part of it must have a smile on their face right now tonight. I know we all do who are here," said builder Clinch Heyward with Sterling Homes. NewsChannel 15 also aired an hour-long special Sunday night, Extreme Dream: The Suggs Family, just before the episode premiered. It was a local look at how it all came together, and included interviews with the family and builders and some never-before-seen footage shot by Designer Paige Hemmis of something you'll never see on the show.

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