Conway twins born mid air in naval plane meet pilot 33 years later

Cmd. Tom Clark poses with the Domogauer family of Conway.

In 1978, Brenda Domogauer, who lives in Conway, gave birth to twins. It might sound typical since babies are born all the time, but these two were born in the air on a military plane.

Tom Clarke, the pilot of the P-3C aircraft remembers it like yesterday. The trip was a routine Medevac flight for a pregnant Domogauer, wife of a Navy Chief, from NAS Sigonella in Sicily to Napoli. The trip was supposed to be a leisurely 55 minutes, and Domogauer was only 6 months into her pregnancy.

While in the air, Clarke was informed they were to travel to a base in Frankfurt, Germany for safety reasons. The crew and plane stopped in Naples, picked up fuel and food, then lifted off again.

As the crew and plane were taxing into the Air Force side of the Frankfurt airport, Domogauer went into labor.

"I prayed to God to be with me to help me," she said.

She was sent an angel in Tom Clarke, Domogauer added. He landed smoothly and safely as she gave birth not to one, but two babies. The second one was a surprise, to the crew and the doctor.

Domogauer, however, says she wasn't surprised.

"You always know as a mother," she said.

Saturday afternoon, Domogauer's children Jill and Justin, and their families met Tom and a P-3C flight crew from Maryland. This was the first reunion since the twins were infants.