Controlled burns scheduled today along the Grand Strand

The South Carolina Forestry Commission has multiple controlled burns scheduled Tuesday across the area.

In Horry County, there's a 75 acre piled debris burn planned near Old Reaves Ferry Road and Grahamville Road. There's also a 200 acre wildlife management burn planned near Pauley Swamp Road and Pee Dee Highway.

In Georgetown County, there's a 120 acre hazard reduction fire scheduled near Browns Ferry Road and Dunbar Road.

According to the South Carolina Forestry Commission's website, a hazard reduction burn reduces dangerous accumulations of fuels that naturally occur in southern forests, including pine needles, vines and shrubs. A piled debris burn reduces vegetative debris from a land clearing or timber cutting operation that has been moved into piles. And, a wildlife management burn is to improve the habitat for wildlife species by stimulating fruit and seed production, increase occurrence of herbage, legumes and hardwood sprouts to create openings for feeding and travel.

State law requires that you notify the Forestry Commission prior to burning outdoors. In most cases, the law applies to burning leaves, limbs and branches that you clean up from your yard.