Company singled out by Better Business Bureau calls nationwide alert unnecessary

Mark Serio, owner of Dr. Bass, LLC, says he is working to fulfill customer requests.

The Better Business Bureau's alert against Dr. Bass states "The Dr. Is Not In!", but Marc Serio, the owner of Dr. Bass, says the BBB wouldn't know because it never spoke with him.

Since the speaker cabinet company was singled out in a nationwide alert to consumers by the BBB, Serio says he has received personal threats and didn't want us to show his face on television.

Serio says personal issues kept him from taking care of his business, and he's trying to repair his company's image.

"I was going through a divorce, and I was dealing with heart problems. Then the recession hit and everybody went through trouble," he says. "I don't have anyone to blame but me, and I'm trying to fix those complaints."

Wednesday, the BBB announced they received 39 complaints since October 2008 against Dr. Bass, LLC. The BBB says customers paid in full and either didn't received the product or they were sent a completely different product than what they ordered.

"I've taken care of 90 percent of those complaints, and the ten percent that is left I'm working on those as we speak."

The BBB says 28 of the complaints were unanswered by Serio including complaints from South Carolina, North Carolina, California, Colorado, New York, Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia, Florida, Hawaii, Oregon, Missouri, Maryland and Puerto Rico. Serio says most of the complaints were from the same customers who already express their complaints about the same order, and he says the BBB is counting each complaint as a separate incident.

"No one calls the BBB and let's them know that their situation has been fixed. They only get the complaints. They don't follow up either."

"Each person is treated as one complaint," says Kathy Graham, President/CEO of the BBB of Coastal Carolina, Inc. "We follow up with the consumer and ask if they have been helped. If they tell us everything is taken care of or tell us nothing, we assume the complaint is resolved. But in these cases, we have not received complaints being resolved."

"I don't respond to them because I know they are a joke," says Serio. "The BBB never asks me for my side of the story because they don't care to know. I'm not a member of the BBB, but you would think before they sent out a nationwide alert against me they would try to contact me."

"When we have people from the Colorado BBB calling us and complaining about a company in our area, we want to resolve it the fastest way possible," says Graham. "All he needed to do was call me, and this could have been resolved differently."

Serio says the only time he was contacted by the BBB was when notification of complaints were sent to his email.

Graham says the BBB never reached out to Serio over the phone because in a BBB survey he asked to be reached via email.

NewsChannel 15 reached Serio by contacting the company phone number on his website.

The BBB says 13 complaints given to the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs office have also gone unanswered by Serio.

"This really couldn't have come at a worse time," says Serio. "Since I've opened, I've had over 1500 customers all over the world. I'm trying to get things together, and now I have this alert on me."

Graham says if Serio resolves the complaints against him the nationwide alert can be repealed, but the alert is now on record.

"You can't defuse a bomb once it goes off," says Serio.