Churches come together for 'Stations of the Cross' service

A group came together for a Stations of the Cross ceremony in Conway.

CONWAY, S.C. (WPDE) - On Good Friday, a group of Christians went on a spiritual pilgrimage. They re-enacted the Stations of the Cross. That's the path the Bible says Jesus took from his trial, to his death on the cross and burial.

Fourteen churches from Episcopalians to the non-denominational gathered at Riverfront Park in Conway.

"The practice was begun in Jerusalem by Christians who travel to the Holy Land to follow in Christ's footsteps to the cross and to worship and pray in places in the city traditionally associated with our Lord's passion and crucifixion," explained Rev. Jason Collins.

Good Friday and Easter are often described as the pinnacle of their beliefs.

"Our faith is built on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And if you don't experience that or understand that and don't accept that by faith Jesus rose from the dead, then there is no hope of salvation or eternal life for us," added Rev. Cheryl Adamson.

The above video shows their service.

This is the second year for the service and organizers plan to bring it back next year.