Church donates a backpack to every student at South Conway Elementary

When the students of South Conway Elementary walked into their gym Friday morning, they were greeted with applause and high fives from members of New Spring Church and backpacks full of school supplies.

One by one, each received a backpack. Many smiled as they opened up their new gifts.

"Our school has a high poverty index and this is just a way that we can help those families who may be struggling right now at this time. It's just a great thing. We just feel blessed having the opportunity to be able to do this for our kids and our families," said Principal Leon Hayes. "There's a lot of emotion in there. Just seeing the smiles on the children's faces seeing the excitement. It's just a great event."

"We just want to reach out and help out parents and students any way that we possibly can. This just seemed like a really cool opportunity for us," said Charlie Bagwell with New Spring Church.

The church donated red, green and blue LL Bean backpacks to all 620 students.

"Our children are really getting something of quality. Something that will last and then of course school supplies is ongoing. You always need supplies," added Hayes.

Last year the church donated shoes to every student.