Christian Surfing Federation involves teens in bible study and surfing

Photo Credit: Lindsey Theis

Each Tuesday evening from 6 to 8 p.m., beach goers near the 64th Avenue North public beach access in Myrtle Beach might notice a large group of teenage kids on their boards in the surf.

The group makes up the Christian Surfing Federation of Myrtle Beach. They describe themselves as a local missions ministry to the Grand Strand.

"CSF exists to reach surfers with the life-changing person of Jesus Christ," the CSF's facebook page says.

The surfing ministry has been meeting since 1999. For years they met in Garden City Beach before moving to the Myrtle Beach access. The waves, are basically the same, says group co-leader Garrett Bayer.

"They're pretty small," he says.

Bible study, surfing, worship, volleyball, food, and fellowship are what any newcomer will find as they join the group.

13-year-old Addison Miles has been coming to the group for years.

"It's a good place to have fellowship with everybody, and a good place to just come. It doesn't matter if you're having a bad day, it just makes everything better," he says.

Miles adds its "way different" than any other youth group he's even been too, and that's why he keeps coming back.

Bayer says that situation is very typical.

"We have heard stories from parents that have said 'my son Nick, I couldn't drag him to church...but he is just so excited to go to Christian Surfers!"

Autumn Atkinson has been attending the group for only two weeks. She says she feels God when she's in the water.

"It feels like he's on the board right there with you," she adds.