Chomping down at eating contests at the Beach, Boogie, and BBQ festival

Benjamin Thepaut (right) won the wing contest after eating a pound of meat.

/ Lindsey Theis

More than 20 people participated in two different eating contests Sunday afternoon at the Beach, Boogie, and BBQ festival in Myrtle Beach.

Men tried their best to be the beach's top winner in a wing eating contest this afternoon. A dozen competitors raced to see who could eat the most meat in three minutes, and then judges then weighed the results.

Benjamin Thepaut, 21, took home the title. He ate a pound of meat.

"I have been preparing for 24 hours, drinking lots a fluids up, walking a whole bunch, stretching my stomach. {I} woke up with a whole bunch of stomach stretches this morning. I'm just really happy I'm here."

Benjamin walked away with a four day, three night stay to a Myrtle Beach hotel and $200 in gift cards.

Three lucky kids walked away with a free Nintendo Wii after a watermelon eating contest this afternoon.

Eleven children were divided into age groups. They had to race to finish an entire quarter of a watermelon. Parent's even had to sign a waiver for their kid to participate in the eating contest.

Seven-year-old Brielle Welch, 11-year-old Jacob Ward, and 13-year-old Cheyenne Johnston walked away the top winners.