Aynor Elementary Jump Rope for Heart event honors young heart disease victim

Volunteers with the Jump Rope for Heart effort collected donations and sold T-shirts at Friday night's Aynor High School basketball game.

This year's them is Two Hearts, One Hope - one heart for Mary Kate Lovell who died last year of heart disease and one for Chapel Johnson, a third grader and survivor of heart disease.

Organizers say heart disease is the number two killer of children after accidents.

Mary Kate's mother Jill says the annual event is a way to honor her daughter. "Our goal is awareness for other children and their fight for heart disease, and the hope that through research and raising money supporting the American Heart Association that maybe just saving one life will be worth it."

"Jill said my daughter's life is one of hope and being a miracle everyday she walked down the hall. It was a miracle due to God and due to medical advancements," added Yvetter Mingo with the American Heart Association.

Lovell also has a son who's survived heart disease.

The group hopes to raise $25,000 this year.

If you'd like to make a donation you can go to the Facebook page dedicated to Mary Kate or go to Aynor Elementary's webpage.