Atlantic Beach gets "real" with new publication

A newsletter that promises to show the "real" side of Atlantic Beach will be available to the public Thursday.

Kathy Andrews, creator and editor of the letter The Atlantic Beach Courier, told WPDE NewsChannel 15 that her inspiration for writing the paper came from her frustration with town government and the negative comments she has heard from others about Atlantic Beach.

"Honestly, I'm tired of hearing all of the negative things that are coming out of the government. When people call me, they start laughing," Andrews said.

Andrews said she hopes the newsletter will change people's perception of the troubled town and give the community an outlet for their voices to be heard.

"I want to give people an idea of what the real Atlantic Beach is like. The positive aspects of the beach," she said.

From local environmental issues to real estate news, Andrews said her paper will cover a wide variety of issues that is not solely focused on the problems with town government.

"What's going to be on the radar is the environment and the future of Atlantic Beach," Andrews said.

As a former television reporter and anchor, Andrews said she hopes the newsletter will keep the town government more transparent to the people within the community.

The Atlantic Beach Courier will be published four times a year, according to Andrews.

If the paper is a hit among the town and nearby communities, Andrews isn't ruling out publishing more volumes in the future.

Andrews vacationed during the summer in Atlantic Beach as a young girl. She now owns a home right around the corner from where she vacationed.

To this day, Andrews said some of her favorite childhood memories have been in Atlantic Beach, despite being a world traveler.

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