15-year-old wants to make evacuation zones easy to find

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, S.C. (WPDE) - A Georgetown County teenager is tackling a big project dealing with the new Know your Zone hurricane evacuation changes. He's working on a system that will easily let everyone know which zone they live in.

For the last ten years, Bobby Walters has devoted much of his time to the Boy Scouts. He likes spending time outdoors, earning merit badges and helping others. Now the 15-year-old wants to take it to the next level.

"Being an Eagle Scout is an honor, and I think that once I get it, it'll open a lot of doors for me. Including colleges and job offers and stuff, and it'll really help me in the Army," explains Walters.

But to before he earns the title, Walters must first complete a community service project.

Since the hurricane evacuation zones have changed this year in Georgetown County, Walters wants to put color coded vinyl markers on streets signs.

"Zone A or the red zone are the one that are most likely to be hit if a storm comes followed by zone B or the orange and the yellow," says Walters. "If you don't know what zone you're in, you can just walk to the end of your street and look and see what zone you're in."

He'll need more than 1,700 markers. That will take money, time, and help from volunteers.

If successful, his project eliminates guesswork and could save lives. Sam Hodge, Director of Georgetown County Emergency Management, is in favor of the markers.

"We haven't had a large hurricane make landfall in the South Carolina area since Hurricane Hugo and before that Hurricane Hazel. People are so complacent, and we have so many new visitors to South Carolina and residents that have never been through a hurricane type event before," says Hodge. "Hopefully that will make them sit there and think about other things like being prepared. Do we have the family disaster kit? Do we know where are shelters are? Do we have that pet included in that family plan? Make sure our grandparents are taken care of."

"I wanted to do something that would affect my area and my community for a long period of time."

If you'd like to help Walters with his project, you can e-mail him at