CCU's NFL players talk about the NFL lockout

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The NFL Lockout has no end in sight and Coastal Carolina's NFL contigent is doing what everyone else is doing: speculating on when or if the 2011 NFL season will be played.

Jerome Simpson, Quinton Teal and Maurice Simpkins were back on the Grand Strand for the wedding of former Chants wide receiver Perry Parks and gave Mark Haggard their thoughts on the NFL lockout:

Simpson, Teal and Simpkins talk NFL Lockout

Is it frustrating to be locked out?

Teal: You're kind of going crazy because you want to be with your teammates working out, but you have to understand it's a business first. DeMaurice Smith is going to make the right decision for the players and the owners at the same time. Right now, the only thing we can do is work out like it's an off-season program.

Simpkins: We just wanted to keep the CBA as it was. The owners opted to change it. Now we're trying to come to an agreement for both parties.

Will we see NFL football in 2011?

Simpson: "I think we will kickoff in time. We maybe will miss a couple of preseason games or training camp, but I think it's really good for us players because we get to rest our bodies and get personal training for our needs."

Simpkins: There will be football this year. On time? I can't speak for on time. I know there will be football.

What about your financial situation with the potential of not getting paid this year

Simpkins: As far as the financial side of it, I made more money last year as a computer consultant than playing football. It's a very lucrative career. That computer science degree and business management degree from Coastal Carolina really came in handy.

Teal: When we first came in '07, we had Life Skills programs and they told us about everything you need to do with money, to save. This doesn't last forever. So right now, I'm comfortable, but you still want to play and get back to the game.